Do you want to generate more revenue, keep more of what you earn, and watch your organization thrive and grow? It’s time to review your financial and business practices to find ways to save money and streamline processes for greater profitability. Hartford Consulting provides an affordable alternative to having a full-time accountant or financial advisor on staff. Pay only for the services you need, such as:
  • Financial review and analysis
  • Day-to-day bookkeeping
  • Quarterly account reconciliation
  • Monthly or annual reporting
  • Special projects
When you delegate tedious, time consuming, and complex tasks to a specialist, you can spend more time on the aspects of your business that you enjoy. 
Cash Flow Analysis


Where is your organization leaking money? Where do you have the potential to increase income? Hartford Consulting designs and implements reporting tools that help you understand how money moves through your organization. Our balance sheet analysis and strategies give you the tools to manage cash flow and start meeting your targets. 

Budgeting & Forecasting


Hartford Consulting helps you take control of the future. Easily grasp your organization’s overall cost structure with customized Profit and Loss statements and drill down into your business data with P&L statements for specific departments or product lines. Using this business intelligence data, we assist you in generating annual budgets and developing a long term plan for growth and success.

Process Improvement


Time is money, and wasted time carries a high cost. Every activity that doesn’t add value to your organization negatively impacts your bottom line. Hartford Consulting partners with you to document and analyze your organization’s current operational processes. Together, we can find ways to improve efficiency and profitability.